All enquiries relating to EMA payments should be made to the Pupil Attendance and Data Manager in the first instance, or approach the rest of the 6th Form Support Team.

Please email Ms Cuddy - Pupil Attendance and Data Manager.


Message From Student Finance Wales

COVID-19: EMA/WGLG FE attendance confirmations

Payment of EMA or WGLG FE can only be made on receipt of valid attendance confirmations from a Learning Centre. 

Reasons of illness, self-isolation or school or college closure can be treated as authorised absences during your standard term times. Schools and colleges are required to confirm attendances, at their discretion, to Student Finance Wales to ensure that EMA and WGLG FE payments continue during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The confirmations need to be submitted through our portal. 

EMA continues to be paid fortnightly and WGLG FE paid termly.

We are currently working with the Welsh Government to consider any contingency plans should they be required.


For more information here are some useful links and documents for you to look at.


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