Uniform is a sign that a pupil is a member of Fitzalan High School and we expect all pupils to be proud of that fact. A smart pupil in school uniform can bring a sense of pride in the school and prevent any distinction being made between pupils.

6th Form (choice from)

  • Burgundy polo shirt with Fitzalan sixth form logo
  • Black jumper with Fitzalan sixth form logo
  • Black blazer with Fitzalan sixth form logo (not compulsory)
  • White shirt/blouse with Fitzalan tie
  • Black abaya with Fitzalan sixth form logo (girls only)

All of these items are available from YC Sports on Cowbridge Road, Canton.  The school also carries a limited stock of these items to purchase.
All year groups

  • Plain black skirt/trousers
  • Sensible black shoes only
  • Plain black weatherproof coat

Therefore, we ask that you support us in this aim and ensure that you come to school in appropriate uniform.  To avoid confusion, we have put together some examples of appropriate items to be worn to school and other items that are not appropriate, these are displayed on the School Information tab under Uniform. If a pupil arrives at school wearing inappropriate uniform these items will be confiscated (the school cannot take responsibility for confiscated items) and they will be provided with an appropriate alternative. We are also able to send pupils home for wearing inappropriate school uniform.

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