Meet the Team

Mrs Kemp

Assistant Head,


Overall responsibility for ensuring you receive the very best advice and support.

The tone of the 6th form starts here. It is a friendly 6th form with good and honest relationships – but within this, high standards are expected at all times.

Mr M Rea

Head of Sixth Form


Mr Rea will guide and support you both academically and pastorally throughout your time in 6thform. He will ensure that your transition from Key Stage 4 into 5 is a positive and rewarding process. Mr Rea will also offer support and guidance with your university applications and future career pathways.

Mrs Uphill

6th form Pupil Achievement Leader


Mrs Uphill will offer you support in both the 6th form area and during lessons. Mrs Uphill also leads our university visit programme and will facilitate a variety of extra-curricular opportunities.


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