Fitzalan High School 6th Form

Fitzalan has a wide range of 6th form courses and other opportunities available for post 16 pupils and we invite you to consider carefully your application for a place in Fitzalan’s 6th form. You will find guidance and relevant course information on these web pages. What you will find if you enrol as a pupil is a 6th form team that will guide you through your final years of study before you embark on a career or a Higher Education course. We are convinced that Mrs Kemp, Mrs Greenaway and all 6th form teaching staff will ensure you have as much support as is needed for you to fulfil your ambitions – all it needs is dedication from you to match their desire for you to leave the 6th form having enjoyed your time, been enriched by your experiences, and empowered to take control of your future.  We look forward to welcoming you into the 6th form.

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