Fitzalan High School is a highly inclusive and caring community. It provides outstanding support for pupils' wellbeing, which contributes considerably to pupils' high standards and strong spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Curricular provision is a significant strength of the school. We provide an extensive range of learning experiences that meets the needs of all pupils exceptionally well. This has a substantial impact on pupil standards and wellbeing. Estyn February 2017
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  • 08:15 PM - 13th September, 2020 Virtual Year 10 Parent's Information evening will take place on Monday 14th September 2020. Details can be found here:
  • 08:14 PM - 13th September, 2020 Please see the latest information from Mrs Bradshaw here:
  • 08:06 PM - 10th September, 2020 Is your child showing symptoms of Covid-19 or are they cold-like symptoms? Dr Heather Payne, a Paediatrician, talks about how and when your child should have a test.
  • 01:56 PM - 1st September, 2020 REMINDER Please check your email or the website for further details
  • 07:25 PM - 28th August, 2020 We are looking forward to welcoming all pupils back to school for the start of the new school year. Please take your time to read over our Pupil Handbook so that you can see all the measures we are taking to keep our school community safe and learning.
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