Curriculum for Wales Vision Statement

Fitzalan High School is adopting the Curriculum for Wales with Year 7 pupils from September 2022.

We have worked with our community, pupils and staff to identify what our curriculum should provide for our pupils to give them the best life chances and realise the Four Purposes.

We believe the following video captures our vision for our curriculum for Fitzalan.



Fitzalan High School: Our Curriculum Vision Statement

‘Learning together to be the best we can be’

In Fitzalan, our pupils and staff feel valued and supported as individuals. We have a culture that supports high performance and a ‘can do’ attitude.  Fitzalan is a community that inspires our pupils, rewards our staff and benefits our local area to work together to be the best we can be in every way. Our vision will enable us to be at the forefront of local and national education, ensuring that FItzalan now, and in the future, is the best school in Wales.

Our curriculum vision at Fitzalan is to provide bespoke provision for all pupils so that we realise the Four Purposes, have a sense of belonging, embody Fitzalan PRIDE and all pupils, especially those with barriers to learning, maximise their progress and achieve their full potential.

 We embody Fitzalan PRIDE. We believe that this will enable all our pupils to realise the Four Purposes This includes the development of knowledge, skills and experiences for pupils both inside and outside of the classroom learning.


  • creates a sense of belonging in an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity and seeks to engage with all areas of the community that we represent and live amongst.
  • delivers outstanding care, support and guidance of all pupils to ensure that their sense of wellbeing is developed and nurtured;
  • is an inspirational learning environment in which all pupils can be successful and make a positive contribution to society;
  • believes in the Curriculum for Wales ensuring that all pupils embed knowledge, skills and experiences in pursuit of the four purposes;
  • designs a flexible curriculum that is responsive to the needs of individual pupils and is planned with purpose;

Our curriculum design focuses on bespoke curriculum choices for all pupils, careful sequencing of learning within and across subject areas, led by pupil needs and development. The strength of subject specialisms is important to developing progress in learning. All lessons are carefully structured to build effectively on previous knowledge, skills and experiences. Future learning design is mindful of pupil needs and their physical, social and emotional development.

All pupils leave Fitzalan with a range of relevant qualifications so that they are prepared and able to thrive as part of society. We want all our pupils to ‘be the best they can be’ during the time with us at Fitzalan, and for the rest of their lives.

Our curriculum is effective because we provide:

  • A restorative culture and practice, where building positive relationships and taking responsibility for our actions are paramount.
  • Nurture provision that supports pupils to develop their emotional intelligence. We aim to build confidence, resilience and social skills in our nurture provision so that pupils can be successful in the academic, social and cultural aspects of our school.
  • Our Fitzalan Support Hub, providing a bespoke curriculum for some of our most vulnerable pupils.
  • Our Learning Support Unit as an alternative to exclusions for pupils as part of our restorative practice. Individual mentoring sessions and restorative conversations enable future success by seeking to overcome challenge.

Our curriculum is effective because we provide:

  • Our ESOL provision allowing staff and pupils who are new to English to learn in small groups.
  • Thrive Classes to support identified primary and secondary pupils with resilience through developing strategies needed to be successful in mainstream education.
  • ALN needs that are supported with full access to the curriculum through specialist provisions and interventions, enabling all pupils to play a full part in the life of Fitzalan and achieve their full potential.
  • Access to the Seren Foundation and Academy to support for our most able learners to realise their ambition.


Striving for excellence in all we do is at the centre of our purpose.

Fitzalan High School is excellent because:

We are people who love what we do;

We challenge everyone to succeed;

We are imaginative;

We respond to our learners;

We believe in each other;

We never give up;

We are unique;

We do the right thing to make a difference;

We educate today for a better tomorrow;

We provide inclusive, individual innovative support.




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