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Posted on: 09/02/2024

Key Stage 3 Headteachers High Tea

On Wednesday 7th February we held our Key Stage 3 Headteachers High Tea. Twelve pupils across the Key Stage were chosen for their fantastic effort and positive attitudes to learning. 

Congratulations to our Year 7 pupils who were chosen Michelle Leung, Susan Marks, Haydn Stiff and Rafiul Rob. Year 7 opened the afternoon with some inspirational speeches about the positive start they have had to secondary school life and the support they have received at Fitzalan. 

Congratulations to our Year 8 pupils who were chosen Tio Constantinou, Mignon Regmi, Rafi Ul-Islam and Fatima De Souza. Our Year 8 pupils spoke about the move to our new school and their excitement about choosing a creative option. 

Congratulations to our Year 9 pupils who were chosen Louise Chen, Ga Kay Xue, Evran Roderick and Marzan Rahaman. Our Year 9 pupils spoke about their enjoyment of extra-curricular activities and their aspirations for the future. 

It was fantastic to celebrate the success of these pupils with parents, carers, teachers and support staff. 

Written by Miss R Daniels




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