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Posted on: 15/11/2022

Camera and Filming Workshop: Screen Alliance Wales

On Monday 07th November, Screen Alliance Wales came to Fitzalan and conducted a fantastic camera and short horror-film filming workshop with our GCSE and A-level Film and Media Studies pupils. 

The workshop gave our pupils an in depth look at the impact of camera angle and shot size on spectator response. It built on their understanding of how to create a sense of tension and suspense whilst withholding key information from spectators. Our pupils then got to make their own short film clips using iMovie and the knowledge they had learnt. 

These clips were both disturbing but also incredibly creative given the short time frame they had to make these! 

Pupils left feeling inspired and motivated and we look forward to our next workshop that will look at using sound and ambient sound to create specific spectator reactions.

Thank you, Screen Alliance Wales!



Written by Mrs E Bentley




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