Information for Year 6 pupils

We know that you want to spend time at Fitzalan and prepare for September as much as we want to meet you in person. In the event of us not being able to have our transition days, you will not miss out on anything as we wil continue to keep you updated from here and will make sure that you have them in some form when we are able to be together again at the school. Remember that many of you will have visited us many times for Open Evening, Year 5 days creating detective stories in English, marble run challenge in maths or making things fly in science! You may have visited the World War One Trench, attended our Cluster School Council Conference or even attended school with us in our Wellbeing Centre. 

We want you to feel part of the Fitzalan community and will continue to include you in all our transition activities. Here are some suggested activities to get you going:

Take Virtual Tour of Fitzalan with Mr Jones:

Year 6 Homework Tasks: we want you to prepare for your time with us in Year 7. Each of the departments have created a small task for you to show us what you can do. We would like you to choose at least 3 tasks from this list and shared them with us. You could do this by emailed or Tweeting us @Fitzalan_6 or @FitzalanHigh.

Your promise card: there is lots of information here in the videos and documents for you to take in. Take the time to sit with someone at home and talk about what you are looking forward to and what is worrying you. Make a plan together and pin it to the fridge or on a noticeboard - what will you do to prepare you for school and how can someone help you to prepare too? 

What our Year 7 pupils wish someone had told them before they started.

And remember... we are here for you every step of the way. You can contact us by emailing at any time. Your Year 6 teachers are also able to contact us if you want us to know anything in particular about you.

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