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Posted on: 14/07/2023

Year 7 visit Archaeological Excavation & Cardiff Uni

On 5th July 2023, a group of 30 Year 7 pupils visited the archaeological excavations in Trelai Park, Ely (conducted by Cardiff University).  The archaeological investigations were coming to an end, so we were able to see where the archaeologists had excavated part of a Bronze Age roundhouse. The pupils had a talk about the archaeology in the area, from the Bronze Age when there had been the large roundhouse with a ditch and bank around it, to the Roman period when there had been a large villa complex and then right up to the 20th century when there had been a Second World War anti-aircraft gun emplacement.  Pupils took turns at digging in one of the archaeological trenches, sieving the spoil heap, washing finds and also creating some artwork as a record of the excavations.  It was a really interesting morning and several pupils decided that they wanted to become archaeologists (I think the new Indiana Jones film might also have inspired them!)

Following their visit to Trelai Park, the same pupils visit Cardiff University School of History, Religion and Archaeology with the SHARE With Schools team.  Their first workshop involved looking at artefacts and historical evidence to investigate the lives of a Cardiff family during the Industrial Revolution and into the 20th century.  There was a workshop exploring heraldry with pupils creating their own coat of arms and also a tour of the archaeological laboratory.  We heard about conservation and saw Bronze Age pottery that had been found at Trelai Park last summer.  There was work being done to conserve a 2000 year old Egyptian coffin and shroud, but of greatest interest to the pupils was the conservation of a ‘stuffed’ Goosander who was having his feathers replaced.  After lunch the pupils enjoyed a fascinating mini lecture about the Persian Empire.  It was an enjoyable and engaging day and even at this early stage, pupils were thinking about whether they would eventually like to go to university.

Thank you to Cardiff University School of History, Religion and Archaeology and the SHARE With Schools team.




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