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Posted on: 09/05/2023

Film Seminar with Salma Salah

Earlier this year in April, one of our fantastic Film Studies alumni, Salma Salah, came to speak to our GCSE and A-level pupils about her experiences in the film industry. 

Salma created a highly informative and inspiring presentation, discussing the beginnings of her film experiences in school during her A-levels, taking part in BFI qualifications during half term, working with Screen Alliance Wales and then taking a gap year to pursue further film opportunities.

Our students were incredibly impressed with Salma's already experienced C.V and were inspired by her move into camera work. Salma has been behind the camera on 'His Dark Materials' (BBC), 'Doctor Who' and Disney's production of 'Black Cake'. Having travelled around the UK to different filming sites, Salma had a wealth of experience to share with our pupils. Salma is currently working in the independent film sector, working within her local community in camera work / film production.

We are so proud of her & all of her achievements and what she continues to achieve. We cannot thank her enough for taking the time to inspire our current pupils and very much look forward to Salma continuing to come in and inspire future year groups. Thank you Salma!

Salma can also be found on IMDB! 

Written by Mrs E Bentley




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