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Posted on: 15/12/2022

USW Film & Media Premiere and Tour

On Wednesday 08th December, Mrs Bentley took a group of our year 10, 11 and 12 Film and Media Studies pupils to a world exclusive screening of the BBC's season 3, episode 1 'His Dark Materials', in the Atrium, University of South Wales. The filming of this production has been done by Bad Wolf Studios - and they have their base right here in Cardiff. 

This prestigious screening was exclusive, and invite only, from the USW. Our pupils got to experience a VR headset, insight into set production and prop production, a free t-shirt and after the screening - a tour of the fantastic filming facilities. 

The first episode of 'His Dark Materials' cost £10 million to create - and some of the software used to create it is present in the USW. On the tour, our pupils were shown the way in which many of the creatures and settings were made by the incredible technological advancements in recent years. What really inspired and enthused our pupils was the idea that they could have access to the same resources if they studied at the USW, which is the only location in the whole of Wales that has that equipment. 

On our tour we also got shown the recording studio equipment used to make all of Elton John's records in the 1970s - this was an incredible moment, especially for the pupils who also take Music as a GCSE/ A-level. 

The students got to see a mix of film and TV sets, radio and news broadcasting. The facilities at the USW were better than imagined, and many of our Year 12s are considering it as a university they wish to apply for. 

The film and media industries in Cardiff and Wales are booming right now - lucrative job opportunities, apprenticeships and courses are vast - we want our pupils to get as much as possible out of the learning opportunities we can create for them.

It was a fantastic afternoon and one which has truly made an impact on our students and their hopes and aspirations for the future. Thank you, USW, Bad Wolf Studios and BBC! We look forward to more opportunities in the future!

Written by Mrs E Bentley




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