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Posted on: 29/11/2022

Year 7 trip to Roman sites at Caerleon and Caerwent

On Friday 25th November, a group of Year 7 pupils visited the Roman remains at Caerleon and Caerwent. 

We started in Caerleon, the site of the Roman fortress of Isca Silurum where we looked around the Roman Legionary Museum.  Unfortunately, the amphitheatre was closed due to the recent rain, but we were able to visit the bathhouse and the remains of some of the barrack blocks. 

The pupils were very intrigued when told that there is much yet to be uncovered at Caerleon.  The rain held off and we headed to Caerwent, the Roman city of Venta Silurum.  We toured the Roman remains, exploring the shops, courtyard houses, forum-basilica, Romano-British temple and finally walked around the impressive city walls.  The pupils enjoyed interpreting the Roman remains and there are perhaps some future archaeologists in the making. 

A successful trip, pupils were able to identify the significant changes that the Roman Conquest brought locally and most importantly we had lots of fun.

Written by Mr A Smith




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