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Posted on: 10/06/2022

Prosthetics Workshop

The workshop began with an introduction of what wolf studios is, what it does and a conversation on the artists journey to work at wolf studios - in terms of career paths. It was highly encouraging that irrespective of what point you were currently in your academic/career stage it was still possible to eventually become a prosthetic artist.

Pupils were asked to create a creative story to base a prosthetic injury/wound around, following watching a lovely tutorial by one of the professional prosthetics artists Danny.

Pupils were giving a step by step process on how to attach a prosthetic, colour a prosthetic and most importantly achieve the most realistic look.

Courtesy of Screen Alliance Wales, pupils completing Art AS level at Fitzalan High School were given the fantastic opportunity to visit Wolf Studios in Cardiff, a premier filming facility in Cardiff, Wales offering 125,000sqft of stage space. 

Pupils were able to complete a one-day prosthetics workshop appreciations to square peg studios. With support and guidance from professional prosthetics artists.

Overall, pupils enjoyed their time having gained new skills and are now aware of new career options with some already considering prosthetics as a job in the future. 

Once again thank you to Screen Alliance Wales, Wolf Studios and Square Peg Studios with the help of Danny, Becky, Ffion and Gabby.

Written by Mrs E Hollenbach




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