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Posted on: 28/03/2022

GCSE Film Studies: Everyman Cinema

On Friday 25th of March, Miss Millard and Miss Pursell took 28 Year 10 and Year 11 pupils to see 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' at the Everyman cinema in Cardiff Bay. 

As one of their exam texts, seeing 'Ferris' in the cinema was a fabulous opportunity for our pupils to completely immerse themselves in the film. However, seeing it in the Everyman made it extra special. All our pupils were greeted with retro fizzy sweets and chocolate buttons, they were welcomed to their extremely comfy sofa seats and got to sit back and enjoy the film in true style! Ferris himself would've been impressed...!

The staff at the cinema were incredibly helpful, made us feel very welcome and have invited us to go for a behind the scenes tour and future experiences. 

Some of our pupil thoughts from the day: 

Rahim - "It was a lavish cinema, the screen and room was spacious and super comfortable. The staff were very hospitable  and I wish I was able to take Film Studies at A-Level, as I'd like to pursue it at university." 

Joe - "It was a bougie place and very nicely set out. I thought the film was really good, it was better than I thought it was going to be. It was good to see it in the cinema instead of a classroom." 

Amir - "My first thought was I loved the seats, they were so comfy I could've stayed there all day chilling. My favourite bit from the film was when Ferris was trying to beat his family home and was running through the gardens and chatting to people as he went!"

Suieba - "I liked the singing part, when Ferris aimed it at his friend and was dancing on the float! I loved the idea of having our own room in the cinema, private, without anyone else there!" 

Salma - "I thought it was very grand. It had a nice vibe. I liked when they were singing in the film - it made me think of those olden day movies - the aesthetics were really cool." 

Sneha - "It was really fancy inside and when we watched the film I enjoyed all of it, but I really liked the bit when Ferris got away with it and the head teacher couldn't win!"

Written by Miss E Millard




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