Professional Learning

Datglybiad Proffesiynol

Professional Learning in Fitzalan continues to be a whole-school priority and ensures the school is a highly effective Learning Organisation. By fulfilling the seven elements of the SLO model, Fitzalan shares a vision centred on the development of all learners. The school provides an environment that nurtures each individual by creating and supporting continuous learning opportunities for all staff, parents and governors.  There is a focus on promoting team learning and collaboration among all staff, whether through meetings or collaboration sessions such as the pedagogy team or AoLE groups.  Teachers establish a culture of inquiry, innovation and exploration whilst embedding systems or collecting and exchanging knowledge for learning.  Learning with, and from the environment and wider learning system, is modelled through the Lead Practitioner and School Improvement Group activities; modelling and growing learning leadership at every level is key.  These elements are the foundation on which Fitzalan is forging a path through national education reform.

Alligning professional learning to reflect expectations of the Professional Standards for Teaching and Leadership, means that Fitzalan has developed provision to meet the needs of all teachers and teaching assistants to ensure pupil progress.

There is structured engagement in action research communities and evidence of practice informed by wider reading and research findings.  This can range from teachers conducting their class studies to trainee teachers researching for an assignment, to PGCE students at the school as part of an elective. This is supported by our Higher Education Institution links as we grow partnership working.  The professional learning library supports learners as they engage in wider reading and research findings and new publications are added each term.  As staff complete their class studies and enquiry based research, they utilise books, journals, computers and articles to evidence their writing, whilst working in the dedicated Professional Learning Suite. 

Professional learning is driven by each individual teacher; carefully framing professional growth within the context of the Four Purposes with a commitment to leading development for colleagues within and beyond the school.  The Professional Learning Suite is a newly refurbished facility, decorated with displays of pedagogical principals, responsive teaching and relevant information from professional learning sessions.  Teachers, trainees and visiting delegates engage in a variety of learning opportunities through collaboration and networking.  Professional dialogue is as important as the materials produced.

As a school where over 40 different languages are spoken, Fitzalan can provide a variety of support and training in numerous different languages. Teachers, pupils and trainees alike are equally as committed to develop their Welsh language skills and actively seek opportunities to apply and extend their understanding and skills, by participating in training.


Mae dysgu yn Fitzalan yn gyffrous, dewch i ymuno â ni.

Learning in Fitzalan is exciting, come and join us.


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