Important changes to Covid 19 procedures

As of 29 October 2021, the guidance around self-isolation has changed. Further details can be found here.  

If anyone in your household has tested positive, please let us know immediately by phoning the school on 029 2023 2850. Your child(ren) must have a negative PCR test result before they return to school. ALSO, they must complete 7 days of LFT testing from the morning they return to school. 

The contact details for Heads of Year are below: 


Year 7: Mr B Jones 

Year 8: Mr N Jones 

Year 9: Mr K Olsen 

Year 10: Mrs A Jones 

Year 11: Miss R Daniels 

Year 12&13 Mrs S Greenaway 


Please make sure your children check their school email to access their remote learning should they need to stay away from school. 

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