September restart

Please find below a letter from Mrs Bradshaw concerning the September restart.

Letter from head teacher

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Dear Parents

Thank-you for all of your support during this year, and in particular during recent weeks.  We have had a safe, secure and successful return to school and all staff have enjoyed seeing the pupils back in school.

All pupils will be back in school full time in September, and therefore we have reviewed the new Welsh Government guidance and have put further safety measures in place so that we can still keep pupils safe once everyone is back on site at the same time.  Pupils will remain in the same teaching group apart from options, interventions and specialist provision; start times, break times and lunch times will be staggered and, each year group will have a zone to go to during break and lunch times.  These measures will reduce the number of different people each pupil comes into contact with and minimise the chance of pupils coming into contact with pupils outside of their own year group.  Accelerated learning provision will be in place to support pupils who have found it difficult to make progress during the lockdown.  The existing hand washing, sanitising and one-way systems will remain in place for all pupils.


Tuesday 1st September


Wednesday 2nd September


Thursday 3rd September

Year 7 - Transition 8.30am start

Year 10 - Induction and lessons 9.30am start

Year 12 - Induction 9.00am start

Year 13 - Induction 10.45am start

Friday 4th September

Year 7 - Transition 8.30am start

Year 10 - Lessons 8.30am start

Year 12 - Induction 8.30am start

Year 13 - Induction 10.45am start

Monday 7th September

Years 7, 10, 12 + 13 - lessons

Years 8, 9 and 11 - Induction and lessons

(Stagger start times tbc)

Tuesday 8th September

Normal lessons for all

(Stagger start times tbc)


If your child has been studying for external examinations this year, they will receive a separate letter with information about when they can attend school on results days, so that we can support them whilst also adhering to social distancing measures.


I will send out further details just before the start of the new academic year, in the meantime if you have any questions or issues, please contact your child’s Head of Year.  Remember, this letter is on the website and you can translate it by clicking on the ‘world’ symbol ïƒ¼button on the top menu.  I hope you all have an enjoyable summer.  


Yours sincerely                         

Mrs C Bradshaw



Year 7 – Mr N Jones –

          Year 8 – Mr K Olsen –

Year   Year 9 – Mrs A Jones –

Year   Year 10 – Miss R Daniels –

Yea    Year 11 – Mr B Jones –

Year   Year 12 + 13 – Mrs S Greenaway –

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