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Posted on: 04/07/2019

Year 10 GCSE Geography Fieldwork Enquiry

On Thursday 4th July 2019 the Year 10 GCSE Geography pupils carried out their Fieldwork Enquiry within a physical environment, which took place at the Cold Knap beach in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan.  The pupils also visited a human environment, which took place on Barry Island.  The data collected will allow the pupils to complete the Unit 3 component of their GCSE in the autumn term and will contribute 20% to their final GCSE qualification.  At the Cold Knap beach the pupils investigated the use of transects and collected and recorded beach profile measurements including width and gradient.  A range of fieldwork equipment including callipers, clinometers, measuring tapes and ranging poles were used.  The pupils also measured the size of beach sediment along their selected transect to include width and length, selecting appropriate sampling techniques.  Field sketches were also taken to clearly identify the geomorphological features including the storm beach and berms.  The pupils then studied the sphere of influence that Barry Island has on the people who visit.  The pupils collected qualitative and quantitative data in the form of questionnaires to investigate how far visitors have travelled.  The pupils will now create an isopleth map to show the distance that people travelled.

Written by Mr S Draper
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