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Posted on: 01/02/2019

Tolerance Week 2019

For Tolerance Week this year we took a multi-pronged approach, focusing on some of the reasons that people can become intolerant. Often, intolerance is a projection of all the things people don’t like about themselves and for this reason the focus was on getting our pupils to appreciate themselves a bit more. Growing up carries a lot of trials and tribulations; young people get a lot of negativity and knock-backs and this affects not only their own self-esteem but also their relationship with others, which can sometimes spill over into intolerance. With this in mind, a series of positive affirmations were shared with pupils at the start and the end of each day, thereby starting their day with a positive message and ending the day with the same positive message. The aim was to instil in pupils that, despite the ups and downs of the day (representative of life), they are still amazing individuals who have a lot to offer. The hope is that hearing positive messages about themselves every day will have a positive impact on their self-esteem, attitude and behaviour.

In addition to the positive affirmations, Media Academy Cardiff (MAC) delivered some knife crime workshops to some of our year 10 and 11 pupils.  Knife crime has always been a problem but is becoming a bigger problem and is something that has affected some of our pupils in recent times. The root cause of a lot of gang-related violence is the inability to forgive and accept people’s choices and it was felt that a series of workshops focused on this growing issue was pertinent at this time.

Written by Miss S Iqbal




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