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Posted on: 06/07/2018

ECO Club

Fitzalan Waste Week Lead by the Eco Committee

During the week beginning 23rd April to 27th April the eco-committee ran Waste Week in conjunction with The Pod. The week before Waste Week there was a tutor competition to see which form could collect the most plastic bottles and winners were awarded prizes and certificates. For the week itself students in the committee made a ‘Thought for the Day’ powerpoint for tutors across all years to use to get students thinking about waste and also what different religions say about looking after our environment. A powerpoint with activities and information about waste was also sent out to all tutors. Mrs Schmidt and the eco-committee also did assemblies to all year groups across 2 weeks, with the eco-committee themselves doing a skit highlighting the impact of dropping litter and individual responsibility for it. They spoke very clearly and got rounds of applause from all year groups for their effort! A lunchtime stall with competitions and petitions also attracted almost too much attention, with the logistics needing to be better worked out for the future. However, many students in the school got involved and asked questions, signing petitions on what they would do to reduce plastic waste. The eco-committee looks forward to making real headway on recycling and reducing litter in the next academic year so that the school can gain their Green Flag award!

Written by Miss T Schmidt




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