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Posted on: 09/11/2017

Cardiff Story Museum Takeover

Thursday 9th November was ‘Kids Takeover Museums Day’ in Wales and Fitzalan High School was invited to ‘takeover’ the Cardiff Story Museum.  Jordan Taylor-Bosanko, Learning and Outreach Officer at the museum visited Fitzalan before takeover day and ran a session where a group of Year 9 pupils learnt about work in a museum and how to handle artefacts.  On ‘Kids Takeover Museums Day’ itself, we arrived early at Cardiff Story and met the museum staff whose jobs the Year 9s were going to take over.  They had a tour of the museum and in particular the beautiful ‘tiled corridor’ and a stained glass window that isn’t usually open to the public.  All the time the pupils were taking notes because, later in the day, they were going to run tours.  In the museum galleries, the pupils chose artefacts that particularly interested them and these were also to be a feature of their tours.  One of the pupil groups was very interested in an Ethiopian coffee pot that had been the treasured possession of someone who had moved to Cardiff from Ethiopia because of the docks.  The other group chose an impressive Yemeni dagger that is used in ceremonies such as weddings.  After an interesting session about conservation and lunch, the pupils took on their museum roles.  One group organised a ‘handling table’ in the museum gallery and spoke to the public whilst the other group led a tour.  Mr Smith and the museum staff were so impressed with the way in which the Year 9 pupils worked with the public and gave informative and interesting tours of the museum.  Well done to all of the pupils involved and also a big thank you to Jordan and the staff at Cardiff Story for giving us such a fantastic opportunity.

Written by Mr Smith




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