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Posted on: 13/12/2021

Skills Challenge: Year 10 Enterprise Day

On Wednesday 08th December 2021, the whole of Year 10 took part in Enterprise Day.

The purpose of this day was to support and complete the group-work component of Enterprise Challenge, enabling all pupils to work under aspirational conditions and complete a large portion of their collaborative tasks.  

Pupils experienced a day of professionalism, treating their group as a ‘company’, and working under tightly managed timings. Our pupils came away from this day having built their confidence, communication, independence and reflection skills.   

Our pupils turned up and looked incredibly smart, dressed in professional clothing - they made a grand impression across the school, and have inspired our younger pupils. The level of maturity, collaboration and communication expressed by every member of the year group was impressive. 

The rooms were filled with a buzz of exciting business proposals, product and service ideas - but most impressively of all was to hear how generous and thoughtful our pupils were at the idea of donating 'profits' and creating 'reources' to help those in need. We really do have some of the most considerate and compassionate pupils here at Fitzalan. 

The 'companies' overcame many challenges, such as debating final ideas, designating company roles, research the 5P's of marketing and considering how they could use primary data to help evolve or further their products/ services. 

A huge thank you to all pupils and staff who helped make this day a success. As a department, we are very excited to see the array of pitch-presentations our students have put together, and seeing their learning continue to grow and flourish

Written by Miss E Millard




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