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Posted on: 15/11/2021

Year 13 Lit' Students Inspire and Advise

On Thursday 04th November, some of our year 13 Literature students inspired and advised our year 12s. They discussed how independent study is key: the need to complete reading and annotations of both Plath and Hughes in their own time, setting up study sessions with classmates and making use of their free time in the learning centre. 


They advised everyone to use the WJEC digital resources website which has exam walk-throughs narrated by the examiner and exemplar material. A lot of support was given about the 80 marker, how they shouldn't worry and that it's best to keep a list of the different themes and the poems that highlight those themes. 


They discussed their enjoyment studying Plath and Hughes and revision strategies and approaches that worked for them. They offered support in the 6th Form Centre and that our year 12s should feel they can approach them at any time to ask more questions or seek support from them. 


Our year 13s were absolutely fantastic and it fills us with pride knowing our pupils are approachable, kind and full of supportive words of wisdom for our A-Level Literature pupils. Thank you, girls!

Written by Miss E Millard




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