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Posted on: 05/11/2021

A-level Film Studies: Salma Salah-A Day in the Life of a Camera Operator

During the summer break, A-level Film Studies student, Salma Saleh, completed work experience at Bad Wolf Studios where she was afforded the opportunity to work as a camera operator on the production of His Dark Materials.

Salma was given first-hand experience of working in a busy studio environment where she interacted with professionals from a range of different departments. The insight gained was invaluable in further developing Salma’s understanding of cinematography and how different angles, shots and frames help to convey meaning within a scene.  Salma has written a lively article, which documents her experience, providing further details of life as a camera operator. We look forward to sharing and displaying similar stories from our Film Studies students in the future. Well done Salma! 


See link below for the full story.


Written by Ms H Ahmed




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