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Posted on: 18/10/2021

Skills Challenge Trip to Martin's Haven

On Thursday 14th October, 8 year 10 I-band pupils went with Miss Millard and Dr Penny to Martin's Haven in Pembrokeshire. The trip was focused on the I-Band Global Challenge exam brief regarding single use plastics and the impact they have on the environment. 


The first part of the day was spent having a bespoke guided tour of Martin's Haven from the National Trust's lead marine scientist on site. Our pupils had the opportunity to hear about the wildlife and ecosystem in the area, how plastic, climate change and human consumption is impacting the eco-system and what they could do to help. We climbed up to the cliff tops and walked along the coastline, taking in the stunning views (luckily no rain!). All our pupils were transfixed on the seal pups, as our trip coincided with peak seal-pup-season! We heard about how the seals pups survive the unpredictable weather and how the site collects data on all the plastic that washes up on shore and the different storms. 


After lunch with a view (and what a view it was!), we went down to a small beach to do some litter picking. At first, all the pupils thought the beach looked clear - and at first glance, it looked clean and plastic free. However, once we got started - our pupils found an assortment of plastic rubbish that was washed up on shore. This varied from netting, bottle tops, straws, plastic wrappers, rubber gloves, broom handles and more. Our pupils, in less than half an hour, managed to fill 2 plastic bin bags filled with single use plastic rubbish. What made the experience even more important was that we were being watched the whole time by a seal-pup mum (otherwise known as a cow) - she came up so close to the shoreline, it was almost like she was giving our pupils thanks for making her space cleaner! 


Our pupils were fantastic, and the evidence they collected for their Skills Challenge Global Exam Briefs will help them raise more awareness about the issue of single use plastic and hopefully inspire more people, of all ages, to cut down on their plastic use, care more about the impact on the environment - and perhaps even get stuck into some litter picking!

Written by Mrs E Millard




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