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Posted on: 11/10/2021

Community Conversations - Yousra Elsadig

On Monday 4th October, the year 9 and 10 Textiles classes were visited by Yousra Elsadig – the owner of ‘Boutique De Nana’, a modest and sustainable fashion brand. The visit consisted of a presentation and talk from Yousra, and a Q&A session whereby the pupils asked a series of questions about her design inspirations and how she balances fashion design with her Optometry career.

Yousra shared about her experiences in Sudan, Canada and Cardiff and how these cultures and current world affairs influence her designs. The pupils were shown real life designs, sketches of future designs and videos of her collections being shown at London and Paris fashion week.

We have more ‘Community Conversations’ sessions planned for next half term. We will be visited by Imran Nathoo. A local dentist who followed his dream of becoming a chef and made it through to the quarterfinals of MasterChef in 2017. We aim for these sessions to help the pupils to recognise and acknowledge the people who have been successful in their communities and to inspire the pupils to ‘dare to dream!’.

Written by Mrs S Jones




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