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Posted on: 24/05/2021

Year 12 Film- Meeting the Director of 'Amy'

On Friday 14th May 2021 some of our year 12 film studies students got to be a part of an exciting opportunity to meet Asif Kapadia, the director of the 2015 documentary: ‘Amy’ (one of their A-Level film texts).

The seminar, organised by the BFI, was held over Zoom, and focused initially around Mr Kapadia discussing his background, inspirations and film career. Listening to Mr Kapadia discuss his working class background, university and filming experience was incredibly grounding. To build a fuller understanding of how he has built his success and broken into an industry that is predominately driven by privileged individuals, was inspirational to hear.

The main body of the seminar then looked at a close analysis of Mr Kapadia’s directing style and discussing his thought process around ‘Amy’, concluding with a Q&A. Mr Kapadia’s interest in the ‘underdog’ and ‘outsiders’ of society was thought provoking to say the least. He said (along these lines…) “people who have been born with everything and experience little struggle, often do not lead the most interesting lives in my opinion. I relate to the outsider, the underdog, in many ways, and feel that they have the best stories to tell.” Some of our pupils said the following about the seminar:

Juwerya: “I liked the way that Asif Kapadia made it as truthful as possible, he was not bias in any way – he interviewed everyone in the direction of what he wanted the documentary to honestly be about. That’s what I liked about it.”

Salma: “It was very interesting to understand the inner workings of a documentary film. I really did enjoy it.”

Written by Miss E Millard




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