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Posted on: 19/11/2019

Year 8 Geography Trip to Bristol Zoo

On Tuesday 19th November 2019 the Geography department took a group of year 8 pupils to Bristol Zoo to develop their knowledge and understanding of global biomes.  The pupils have been studying ‘Threatened environments’ in their Geography lessons this term with an emphasis on tropical rainforests.  The group attended an interactive workshop based on ‘extreme ecosystems’ and had the opportunity to hold a cockroach, stroke a chinchilla and a leopard gecko.  The pupils were given a hands-on experience to demonstrate how people and animals have adapted to live in extreme environments to include hot desert, savannah grassland and tundra.  The experience was aided with artefacts and objects including tucks, furs and skins.  After the workshop the group enjoyed a walk around the zoo as they observed the animals including lions, gorillas, flamingos, penguins, seals, red pandas and many more.  The group used the exhibit maps to determine where the animals came from and what biome they live in.

Written by Mr S Draper




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