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Posted on: 30/11/2019

Health & Wellbeing Programme

Teachers from across the region engaged in a professional learning event on Monday 25th November, run by two members of our pedagogy team  Ceri Fear and Emma Whitney-Embleton.  Teachers from a variety of schools came to discuss school and department priorities in preparation for Curriculum for Wales and in particular the AOLE Health & Wellbeing.  Delegates discussed the role of Restorative Approaches, responsive circles, impromptu conferences and followed group activities with a learning walk to see the theory in practice.  This session built upon the October session, where delegates learnt about Health & Wellbeing being underpinned by the Four Purposes, the links to enquiry based learning and 'big questions' in PE lessons.  There was a high level of engagement from all, and delegates are looking forward to the next session.

Written by Mrs A Thomas




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