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Posted on: 08/11/2019

Year 12 visit the Supreme Court and Parliament

On Friday 8th November 2019, the Year 12 government and politics pupils visited London. After an early start we arrived in London eager to use the tube to navigate our way to the heart of the British government. We arrived at the Supreme Court for a guided tour of the relatively new judiciary element of our constitution. Pupils were able to sit in the chairs of the Justices and debate some of the biggest cases presented to the Supreme Court. We then walked along Whitehall, taking in the sights of the Treasury and Foreign and Commonwealth Office before attempting to see who was in at No 10! Pupils enjoyed some free time exploring Westminster before seeing the glory of London from the top of the London Eye. We concluded our day with a guided tour of Parliament, inspired by the history of the Houses of Commons and Lords. Pupils conducted themselves impeccably throughout the day and we hope to see many of them on our television screens in years to come holding the real seats of power. It was a wonderful opportunity to visit Westminster during #ParliamentWeek.




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