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A new programme of services, Cardiff Family Advice and Support, is now available to families, parents, children and young people in Cardiff. Cardiff Family Advice and Support brings together a range of information, advice and assistance for children, young people and their families in Cardiff. These services can be accessed through the Family Gateway.

This clear, accessible referral route is for anyone who wants to learn more about the support available for Children, Young People and their Families or has well-being concerns for children.

The service incorporates:

Family Gateway – A first point of contact team offering a clear, accessible referral route and information service for anyone who wants information, advice or assistance or the various services available to children, young people and families.

Family Help – a team of family help advisors linked to the Family Gateway who can work with families individually in the home and in the community – offering information, advice and support on a range of topics.

Support 4 Families – A team of multi-disciplinary professionals working together over a longer period to find the right solution for the family. Support 4 Families will work with families facing more complex or severe issues. 

Cardiff Parenting 0-16 – A team of parenting professionals who will work with families who need parenting support to help improve parenting confidence, skills,  well-being, resilience and family relationships.

Referrals or requests for information, advice or assistance can be made by anyone working with a family, with the family’s consent, or by members of the public. The Family Gateway can also make referrals to the Families First funded services that operate in Cardiff.

A member of the Family Advice and Support Team will be contacting Cardiff schools directly within the next few weeks and will be available to work directly with your designated safeguarding person, as well as any staff you have working in a Family Engagement/Liaison role, to explain the range of services available, how to refer into the service and explain the process to families who wish to self-refer.

If you would like more information the Family Advice and Support team you can view our website here:


Online Safeguarding Resources 

Welcome of the Cardiff & Vale of Glamorgan Regional Safeguarding Boards Safeguarding Padlet which has been developed for National Safeguarding Week. It includes a range of animations and resources to help children and young people to keep themselves safe and covers key issues and concerns that affect young people today. The resources can also be used by those who work directly with children/young people as well as parents/carers. For further information visit the


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